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Most of the business owners I know, were looking forward to the 25th December, not for the turkey and all the trimmings, the odd glass or port and the odd mince pie, but for the opportunity to simply ‘close shop’ turn off the emails and the phone and have some down time!

However, for me it gave the perfect opportunity to catch up with a whole pile of books I’d been meaning to get through, and to come up with some BRAND NEW CONTENT!

As a speaker I’m also looking to improve, and whilst the testimonials and feedback are always positive, there always the opportunity to further improve content or delivery.

This year, I’m particularly excited because my brand new keynote is something like I’ve never delivered before!  All the material is my own, its all been tested and I’ve got some amazing evidence through case studies (from my work as a success strategy coach within My TrueNORTH) to validate my findings.

Along with the keynote, I’m busy writing a book, recording a whole series of downloadable video’s and audio files and working with the IT team on a new microsite and all the SEO / Analytics data required to make this my best work yet!

In January 2017 I launched the ADD A ZERO Business Challenge, and this keynote supports this by challenging business owners to determine what it will take to ADD A ZERO!

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– Joseph Smith

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