ADDAZERO Business Challenge

Get BIG or GO Home!

Jay’s most recent Keynote is by far his most impactful to date. Jay has used his research, knowledge and case study examples from the past 14 years to put together this Keynote which coincides with him being the founder of the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge!

As Jay poses the question: What would an extra zero do for you? your family and friends? your future? and then goes on to reveal how to achieve this either in terms of business turnover or personal disposable income!

It’s taken us the past 3 years to test and measure the content I share in this presentation, over which time we’ve helped over a dozen business owners to significantly and sustainably grow them and their businesses.

This is not a light hearted, fluffy after dinner speech, this is a grab the audience by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shake kind of empowerment that makes everyone STOP, and think differently about them and their effectiveness in EVERYTHING they do!

WARNING, York Marketing Might Just Work

Surely, that’s the whole point?

However in this highly interactive, informative and hard-hitting keynote. Jay dispels the myths as to why the majority of business owners are simply getting the marketing completely wrong and how by understanding the simple principles demonstrated through a multitude of both personal and professional examples you can ensure every £1 spent on every aspect of your marketing becomes a guaranteed ROI.

This is a MUST for any business owner who should not spend another penny on their marketing until they understand the 3 lessons shared within this exceptional keynote.

I’ve learnt more in 45mins about where I’ve been going wrong within my marketing for the past 10 years than I have from anywhere before, had I applied this thinking 10 years ago, I’d have saved thousands and made tens of thousands more!

The Secret Art of highly effective conversion communication!

Have you ever wondered how some salespeople appear to be just natural, and you find yourself buying what they are selling without even noticing that you’re doing it?

So how about learning their secret arts?

This exceptionally cleverly put together keynote presentation takes the audience on a journey through the secret arts of highly effective conversion communication.

Breaking each stage of the process down enabling everyone to understand the WHAT, WHEN and WHY of highly effective conversion communication.

Based on Masters degree level research, this is an exceptionally clever look at the human psyche and helping to understand listening, learning, consideration and buying decision patterns of prospects, be that in business or in life.

You will NEVER communicate the same way again!

Battlefield2Boardroom, 10 Proven Strategies to Combat Mediocrity

We all set out in life with a goal, a plan a mission. But as life has gone on, become more complicated and complex, many have strayed from their path in pursuit of easy, compromise and mediocrity.

This hard-hitting keynote is based on Jay’s Award Winning best seller ‘Battlefield2Boardroom’ in which he re-ignites the passion in any audience by helping them re-engage with their plan, understand the mission and the importance of goal setting.

If we want a different outcome, we have to apply a different process. This keynote shows the winning processes that have been the key to so many successes.

The examples Jay gives about how he applied a different kind of thinking to get the results he demonstrated was just first class.  This ain’t rocket science, but no-body is doing this right now

How suicide saved my life

Not only does Jay live and breathe the “I’m possible” philosophy, but has helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community in educating audiences to change the way their people think – and act.

An inspirational speaker Jay takes every audience to another level and inspires them to take direct action.

Jay’s honest, open and highly emotional story enables people to identify with real-life experiences and then see how they can take control, to take the steps that will give them the freedom to succeed at whatever they choose.

If the challenge your people face seems overwhelming, Jay’s understanding of adversity and challenge works at a level everyone can engage with and gives them techniques to help overcome their own hurdles.

That was possibly THE most impactful and moving speeches I’ve ever had the privilege to hear. Straight from the heart, full of emotion and with an incredible sense of honesty and trust. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!


Jay spent over 12 years working with specialist rapid deployment regiments all over the world, prior to a successful career in the Corporate sector, putting him in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges.

Having won a Global Entrepreneurs ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award in both 2012 & 2013, and a National Publishers ‘Innovations’ Award for his 5* Business Strategy Book, Battlefield2Boardroom, Jay provides both keynote Main Stage presentations and a series of Masterclasses to many a discerning client.

His mix of vast experience allied with an ability to make business simple along with his infectious enthusiasm and energy inspires audiences and made him a highly regarded and sought after business growth expert.

His motivational, inspirational, thought provoking, entertaining and content-rich “Battlefield2Boardroom®” series of keynote speeches, seminars and masterclasses are regularly accredited by delegates as the inspiration for dramatic business improvement and success.

Delegates leave his events with the secrets and tools to develop their business, with both an attitude and motivational shift which has been attributed to a number of  significant business and personal successes.