Pitch Perfect

The power of CLEAR COMMUNICATION can transform engagement,  relationships and how people FEEL about you and your business.

At one time or another in your life, you will have to present ideas, pitches or projects to other people. Be that as an employee, business owner or simply in life, we are all required at some stage or another to present to others and ‘win them over’.

The ability to convey your message clearly, confidently and persuasively is key if your audience is to be won over, be that online or in person, be that one to one or one to many, the requirement to communicate effectively and cut through the noise has never been greater.

This PITCH PERFECT Masterclass offers a targeted, intense and in-depth level of coaching to help you develop the skills necessary to become an outstanding presenter.

Jay is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable resources I have encountered about delivering keynote speeches in the UK with authenticity and integrity. I would HIGHLY recommend both him and his work.

Business Success Blueprint

Have you ever wondered how a few business owners just seem to have the Midas touch, drifting through business and life success after success. Whilst for so many others, despite whatever effort they apply, appear to make little in the way of progress!

Well, that’s because whilst we’ve all been taught how to PLAY the game of monopoly, very few were ever taught the secret as to how to WIN!

Jay’s master class is taken from over 12 years of his own experience, working with over 400 business owners, and studying some of the most successful business owners on the planet.

This Business Success Blueprint is the ‘Willy Wonker’ golden ticket to significant and sustainable growth.

Millionaire Mindset Masterplan

“There are those who have it, and those that don’t” That’s what my dear old Nan used to say, but the fact is we can all LEARN to develop a Millionaire Mindset, and that’s crucial if you’re going to take your 6 figure turnover business to that 7 figure milestone (and beyond)

This highly interactive Masterclass is devised from having worked with multiple business owners who have all taken their business from 6, past 7 (some of them to 8) figure turnover businesses.

If your ready to SCALE your business, this masterclass is a must.


Jay is engaging from the start.

Every Masterclass is a collection of like-minded people coming together with a common purpose, it’s a collaboration of minds to create a MASTER MIND. In a master class we leave behind the old ‘rules’ and start re-writing the genetic coding to ensure we have a WIN WIN WIN philosophy.

This is not ruthless war games but re-writing the rules to ensure everyone who plays wins.