GREAT, so you’d like to chat?….

I’d love to have a chat to learn more about you and your event.  Understanding the requirements and outcomes you’re looking for is key to determine how best I might be of service to you?

Over the years, I’ve attended and spoken at hundreds and hundreds of events.  Over that time I’ve developed a good understanding as to what makes a highly successful event.  If you’d like to take advantage of my comprehensive STEP-by-STEP guide to ensuring your successful event, simply CLICKING here: A guide to planning a Successful Event for my E-Guide.

Once you’ve read through the guide, you’ll also be refreshed to know I’m not one of those, simply turn up and talk speakers.  I like to truly get involved in the overall success of the event.  whenever invited to I attend the full event, provide pre & post event support, and provide both social media promotions and bespoke video further helping to promote your event, and hang around for Q&A afterwards.

The easiest way to get in touch with me or any member of my team, to have a chat about how I may contribute to the success of your next event, is either:

Call: +44 1904 599067

Skype: nbec.jay


READY to confirm?

If your ready to make a booking and confirm Jay as a speaker at your event, it really can’t be much easier.  Simply click here to access the Jay Allen – Booking form & T&C’s which simply require you to complete and return. I operate a STRICT first to confirm policy, and so once your application has been received and acknowledged you can relax knowing your all booked in, and I’ll begin work on ensuring what is delivered is BESPOKE to you and your audience.

There’s NO SECRETS here, I’m as open and honest about the investment required to secure me to speak at your event as I am about the content I share at the event.

Click here: Jay Allen Investment Structure 2019 for an up to date copy of my current investment requirements.

Professional Speaking Association

I’m also closely associated with a national network of other professional speakers.  I’m just as happy to sign post you to a whole host of other speakers who may well be the most appropriate for your event!  Drop me a call or an email and tell me a little about your event, and I’ll gladly offer a number of recommendations.

Sincere – Honest – Reliable

Jay is a huge ambassador of the Armed Forces charity: COMBAT STRESS and as such has made a life long pledge to donate 30% net from every investment to this most worthy cause. 
Care to make a donation to Combat Stress?Combat Stress Logo