MyTrueNORTH – THE UK’s leading
Ethical Coaching Company

Founded by Jay Allen

By 2015, I’d spoken in a number of countries. Often to business audiences (picking up a couple of Global Awards along the way) about the significant and sustainable growth of both business and business owner.  I’d shared with them information and action plans to educate and empower them to create transformational change for both them and their families.  By applying a set of proven principles and inspired them to embed them within their own businesses.

What I found was, for every time I spoke in front of a business audience, there would be many who would take part in the Q&A sessions.  Asking HOW to implement what I had shared into their business, and a few who would then ask, can you show me?

I found myself more and more being asked post event, to provide either telephone or Face to Face coaching.  Supporting them in the implementation of these principles.  Seeing time and time again the impact their application made, in terms of business turnover and personal disposable income.

Coupled with the fact, I simply got sick and tired of hearing endless stories of how business owners had followed the advice given to them from a coach. Only to be in a worse state afterward than they were before!. Whilst continually being told ‘Just bear with me until…..’ and seeing numerous people selling 1 year, 2 year even 5 year growth accelerator programs, drip feeding information, whilst tieing them into a length program to guarantee revenues.  There HAD TO BE another way…..


My TrueNORTH is about education and empowerment, addressing the 2 fundamental pillars required for anyone to make their own good decisions Competence and Confidence.

If you’d like to learn more about how My TrueNORTH are helping hundreds of businesses to significantly and sustainably grow, both personally and professionally, and to learn more about our #ADDAZERO Business challenge!  Simply visit to find out more.