The sequal to my first book, Battlefield2Boardroom is this ‘The Road 2 Utopia (and how to take a short cut)’

Front coverAlmost immediately after Battlefield2Boardroom was first published, readers began to contact me and advise, it’s a great read but sometimes written with larger businesses where they already have staff and teams of people.  They wanted to know if there was something I could write for Solopreneurs, start up’s, Micro business owners, but also for those in employment and NOT business owners.

The Road 2 Utopia is more a book of self-discovery, helping EVERYONE to understand the importance of SELF and to answer the question WHY?

  • Why me?
  • and Why now?

It’s specifically written for anyone struggling to determine their own WHY, or why they are doing what they are doing, and whether it’s congruent with what they want to achieve, both in business and in life.

It’s ALSO a means of measuring whether you’re ‘on course’ to hit your goals and whether they were the right goals to be set in the first place!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the read, which can be sourced for :

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