If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always have, what you’ve already got

We know the quote, yet so many people in business and in life continue to do the same thing time after time after time expecting a different result.

I remember vividly joining the army.  I was a couple of years older than the majority of other lads joining into my platoon that September morning, as I’d already completed 2 years at college rather than joining straight from school.

I’d lived in my own flat, earned and managed my own money; I’d be independent for a few years already and thought I had a ‘head start’.

However there is a specific way to do everything in the army, from folding blankets to brushing your teeth, from ironing, shaving, polishing boots and walking EVERYTHING had to be taught to us as a ‘body of men’.

There is also the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but the Army were adamant they would try anyway, and so rather than teaching ‘kids’ straight from school what an iron was, I had to unlearn everything I’d previously done, to then learn the ‘right’ way of doing things.

It’s funny that when we learn something, or often teach something to ourselves, we find A way of doing it that works for us, but then become so entrenched in that being the ‘right’ way that we defend it to the hilt whenever challenged without considering whether a different way might actually be easier, less time consuming, less costly and simply BETTER!

I’ve learnt over time to subscribe to another well know quote:

Before you have an opinion, walk a mile in the other persons shoes

At least your then a mile away, AND you have their shoes!!!

Never be fearful of change, its actually the new constant!