The last chapter of the book is all based around feedback and its importance in our own journey of self development and personal achievements.

I’ve suggested several times both within the book, my blogs and video’s the power of a ‘Secret Shopper!’ someone who can offer us constructive feedback on the customer experience as it really is, not what we hope and perceive it to be.

It is therefore with both humble and grateful thanks that I share the most recent feedback we’ve received from other readers willing to post this on the books amazon page (It doesn’t matter where you purchased the book from, amazon is by far the largest and most public platform to be able to share this and so the method of choice)

5* GREAT BOOK: Simple, effective, great for those wanting a mindset change for business. Would recommended to those either starting out or wish to learn valuable lessons.

5* UNPRETENTIOUS, SIMPLE AND CLEARLY ARTICULATED: Books like this have been written before but this is different because this doesn’t read like a management text book and all the messages are very simple and too many people deliberately set out to make the simple as complex as possible. It is written in a language that is understandable, simple and unstuffy. Also, the book is economic on words – once you’ve got your message across, why say more. Concise and to the point……

5* A MUST READ: I read Jay Allen’s book after having the privilege of meeting him in person. The book is a no nonsense approach to practical solutions and common sense dictates where other have failed. Tied in with his personal experiences through the military, what Jay talks about becomes very real.